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Meet the Maker - Me & Amber

Posted on June 20, 2013 by Amy There have been 0 comments

Karen & Amber, the design duo behind Me & Amber have just got to be two of the loveliest gals around - I'm pretty sure that anybody that knows them personally would have to agree.  I recently caught up with them for coffee at the lovely Bird & Bear Cafe in Elizabeth Bay, right around the corner from EB HQ!  We agreed it was about time we shared some insight into their lovely brand on the EB blog and with a new range of neon decorative wooden wall art on offer what better time.  We hope you love this little Q&A - don't forget to hop through to the end to reveal an exclusive, limited time offer especially for you!

Everything Begins somewhere. Tell us a bit about your background – what path led you to what you are doing now?  For as long as we can remember we have been creative minded. We are always happiest with camera / pencils / inks in hand, and love experimenting with materials and new techniques. We both studied Visual Communications together at UTS in Sydney. In our final year, we collaborated on our major project. A stressful time became fun and rewarding, and we had such a ball in the process. This got us thinking about starting a partnership, and the business evolved from there. We started by selling a few very elaborate and laborious hand drawn cards at a bookstore in Sydney, and the range has slowly grown from there!

Me-and-Amber-Designer-Cushions-Wall-Art The super , super lovely Karen & Amber of Me & Amber.

What challenges have you faced since starting out as designers and on the flip side your biggest triumph?The constant challenge is trying to make a living out of something we love to do. We probably don’t have one big triumphant moment, but a few little highlights, like designing customised tea towels for T2, and getting our work published in the Sydney Design Guide and Charlotte Rivers book ‘I Heart Stationery.’ Having our work stocked in some of our favourite stores is also great, like Funkis and Koskela!

Me & Amber Graphic Neon Wooden Artworks Graphic Neon Wooden Artworks by Me & Amber.

How would you describe your work & what would you say is the most special thing about your work?It is bold, simple and very graphic. Our work also has a tactile nature, and often incorporates typographic elements inspired by vintage books. To us the most special thing about our work is that it is made by hand.

Me & Amber Designer Linen Typographic Cushions. Me & Amber's cushion range are all made by hand -hand printed and hand sewn. Such gorgeous vintage inspired, graphic homewares.

You are about to focus more on designing wedding invitations. Can you tell us a little bit about this?Wedding invitations are something we have dabbled in in the past. All of our clients have come via word of mouth, or through being familiar with our product range, but now we’d like to get more proactive about it, because we really enjoy it. Our invitations are special because they are made by hand, and can be customised for the client. We love playing a small part in a couple’s special day!

Me & Amber Wedding Invitation Stationery Me & Amber are now designing super lovely wedding invitations. So beautiful.

What are you most proud of in your work? That we seem to have developed our own style that is quite recognisable. We are also proud to say that we still produce everything locally. This normally means production is more expensive, however, it is so important to us as not only does it benefit local industry, but it is also far better for our environment, reducing carbon emissions in freight. And we love that our range considers the environment in every sense, from using recycled papers, to pure linen, which is the most durable fabric that requires far less water than cotton in its production!

Me & Amber Designer Cushions Handmade Designer Cushion Collection from Me & Amber. Each cushion is handprinted and finished on lovely linen.

What kind of material do you think has great possibilities? Vintage books and good old fashioned paper!

What does a typical day at work look like? It is incredibly varied, which is part of the attraction of running our own business… from designing new cards, chatting to our stockists, packing orders, screenprinting, a little bit of accounting, sampling new products, emailing …

What would be your dream creative project or collaboration?To design and illustrate a children’s book

Me & Amber Graphic Art Prints Me & Amber Graphic Art Prints. They make the perfect affordable, unique gift.

If you weren’t graphic designers what would you do? Architect / photographer

What inspires you? So many things… travelling to new places, beautiful typography found in old books, vintage children’s illustrations, visiting a local gallery…

All You Need is Love Art Print by Me & Amber and You Make Me Smile Art Print by Me & Amber More typographic art prints by Me & Amber - All You Need is Love art print and You Make Me Smile art print.

What are your favourite reads, both magazines & blogs? Frankie, inside out, the design files, design sponge, the sartorialist, humans of new york

What are you listening to right now?Regina Spektor / Ben Harper

Me & Amber Decorative Alphabet Letters for the Wall Me & Amber Decorative Alphabet Letters for the Wall. Make a fab little affordable, unique & beautiful gift!

What books would we find on your bedside tables? Life of Pi / Much Obliged, Jeeves by P G Wodehouse

What art would we find in your homes? Lots of handmade ceramics, photos and illustrations bought while travelling overseas

What does a perfect day off look like?Early morning walk along the beach and a swim, out to breakfast, reading the paper, stroll through growers market, meeting friends for lunch, home cooked meal after and maybe time for a movie?

Me & Amber Designer Tea Towels Me & Amber's Designer Tea Towel collection, handprinted and finished on beautiful linen.

What/where was the last amazing meal you ate? salmon at Jones / Tetsuya’s degustation

Where would we find you on a Saturday? in the garden / at Bondi

Doing what?relaxing, reading the newspaper with a cup of tea having breakfast at Bondi Tratt

Me & Amber Decorative Wall Art - Wooden Art Me & Amber Decorative Wall Art - Gold on Ply. Cute little decorative wall art pieces for a nursery or child's room.

Sydney’s best kept secret? Mahon Pool in Maroubra

And finally, let us in on a little secret?  Karen can’t ride bike!  This made me laugh so much as I can just hear Amber saying this and Karen giggling!  I offered Karen to borrow Bertie's (my 17 month old) tricycle ; )!  Amy x

Buy Me & Amber online at Everything Begins and save. Buy Me & Amber online at Everything Begins this weekend and save.

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