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How to Seat those Extra Guests.

Posted on December 14, 2012 by Amy There have been 0 comments

Ahhhh, that age old dilemma.  Christmas is just over a week away and the panic is now starting to set in.   How on earth are you going to seat all those extra guests you eagerly invited over with just your trusty old couch and a few chairs.  You've got the table setting all planned out & looking just so.  You've got the menu mapped out and tasting delish. But the seating?  Yikes.

How do you maximise your seating possibilities without sacrificing your style?  Fear not.   When it comes to modern interior design ideas, we reckon you just can't beat the good old floor cushion.

Here at EB we make no secret of the fact we love modern, bright and vibrant interiors.  So of course, we love nothing more than a bright & stylish, overstuffed floor cushion.  Ones you would be happy to sink back into at any time, drink in hand, regardless of whether there was room on your couch or not!  Floor cushions are just perfect when you require extra seating at any time of year, be it Christmas, parties or just kicking back for a movie night.  Some floor cushions are as clever as they are beautiful - designed for stacking when not in use.  Personally, we can't go past these Ponyrider disc floor cushions.  Inspired by old signage on the way to Mexico.  Style them stacked in your loungeroom or have them floating around effortlessly on your floor!

Ponyrider Floor Cushion - Black These Ponyrider Floor Cushions are the perfect solution for extra guest seating.

Ponyrider Floor Cushion Neon Orange The Ponyrider Floor Cushion is also available in neon orange - click the image to view or buy.

Ponyrider Floor Cushion Neon Pink Ponyrider Floor Cushion in Neon Pink. These cushions are just fab for extra seating in modern homes and small spaces. Style them stacked on your floor when not in use!

Floor cushions are just as fab outdoors as they are indoors, dot them around the garden, on the balcony or around the pool.  What could be more perfect for those long, lazy summer days!  G&T?  Did someone say, pass me a G&T?  Oh...and make it a Hendricks.

Ponyrider Floor Cushion Disc Ponyrider Floor Cushions are as fantastic indoors as they are out!

Ponyrider Floor Cushion Ponyrider Floor Cushions. (L) Sliced Player Floor Cushion (R) Zig Zag Floor Cushion. Click the image to view closer or buy.

Ponyrider Floor Cushion
Ponyrider Floor Cushions: (L) Ponyrider Aztec Floor Cushion. (R) Ponyrider Striped Floor Cushion. Click the image to view closer or buy.

Shop our full range of floor cushions by clicking here.  Fancy just a few new designer scatter cushions to jazz up your couch.  Then click here!

Got other ideas to seat your extra guests, leave a comment, we'd love to know how.

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