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Introducing new official partner, nickprints - city art prints & music art prints.

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Here at EB we are a bit of a sucker for city art prints, but not just any old city art prints, as with everything at Everything Begins, what we really love are those that have been carved out, created over time with great love and ridiculous amounts of skill and talent.

The latest city art prints to be added to the EB affordable art and graphic art collection are no exception.  Introducing British graphic designer, Nick Patchitt of graphic prints brand, nickprints - the latest design studio to join the EB design collective and online boutique.

nickprints | City Art Prints | City Prints Nick Patchitt, Founder and Designer at nickprints.

From an early age Nick has always been attracted to the graphic side of life – logos, symbols, pictograms and type. A career in graphic design satisfied this interest to a large extent... but not completely. Nick has also been invigorated by living in two of the most visual and vibrant cities in the UK, Brighton and London. Put these ingredients together and the end result is a highly distinctive and original series of city art prints.

'London Calling', 'Brighton Rocks', 'New York' and more recently 'Paris, Je T'aime have already achieved much success. Next up is another of Nick's favourite cities, Barcelona expected this coming British summer.

Nick's other work is an eclectic mix of graphic and typographic prints featuring tea, fish, The Beatles and British Rock music. All nickprints products are printed on quality fine art paper.

nickprints  nickprints City Art Prints | London City Art Print nickprints City Art Prints include London city art print, (seen here), New York city art prints, Brighton city art prints and Paris city art prints.

Everything Begins somewhere.  Tell us a bit about your background – what path led you to what you are doing now?
I’ve always been interested in graphic marks and logos from an early age which probably started with model aeroplanes transfers. Also, my father was an architect and there was always hundreds of leftover sheets of Letraset which I loved playing with – I’ve been interested in typography ever since. A career in graphic design seemed the obvious path to applying these interests.
Your city art prints are absolutely amazing, they are so intricate with such a huge number of graphic symbols to provide a visual for each place.  They must take a really long time for you to conceptualise, research and design.  How long do they take you from start to finish? Can you talk us through the process?

'In total, a 'cityprint' takes about 3 months, working several evenings a week and the odd weekend. I spend about 2-3 weeks researching & finding visual reference. The next phase is the most time-consuming, redrawing buildings and other visuals in Illustrator and generally collating icons from image libraries or dingbat fonts. This phase can take about 6-8 weeks. Once I have a big enough collection of icons it will take about 1-2 weeks to fit it all together - this is by far the most enjoyable phase! City Prints really are exhausting to do mentally - that's why I only create about 3 or 4 a year.'
nickprints city map art | London Calling | London City Art Map London City Map Art by nickprints.

nickprints City Map Art | London City Art Map London Calling, London City Art Map by nickprints

You have created 4 city art prints, each available in several colours, how would you describe your prints & what would you say is the most special thing about your work?

Very graphic and painstakingly put together. I don’t consider anything special about them although whatever people think about my work I don’t think you could ever accuse them of being dull!

nickprints | City Art Prints | nickprints City Art Prints nickprints Paris city art print, available in red and white.

nickprints | City Art Prints | Paris City Art Print nickprints City Art Print - Paris City Art Print, close up detail.

What challenges have you faced since starting out as a designer and on the flip side your biggest triumph?
Keeping up with new technology and social media has always been a challenge for me… just getting going on Twitter was a major event for me! Mind you, if anyone has read a tweet of mine they’ll probably say I shouldn’t have bothered!

What are you most proud of with nickprints?

Conceptually, my ‘cityprints’ range is pretty unique, as far as I am aware, which I find pleasing. As above, I’m proud of the amount of effort I put into each piece.

nickprints | City Art Print | New York City Art Prints nickprints City Art Print, New York City Art Print

nickprints | City Art Prints | New York City Print nickprints City Art Print - New York City Art Print

What kind of material do you think has great possibilities?
My music art print, ROCK UK has been fairly successful… music art prints are an area I’d like to explore more if I had more time.
nickprints | Rock UK | Graphic Music Print Rock UK print by nickprints

Music Art Prints | nickprints | Rock UK Rock UK - close up featuring music genres and British bands.

What does a typical day at the design studio look like?

Starts off full of hope and creative ideas… and 8 hours later client’s will have watered down all the creativity into a compromised mess.

What would be your dream creative project or collaboration?

Anything without a client… hence, why I started nickprints as a sideline business.

If you weren’t a designer what would you do?

I’d do nickprints full-time… but with 2 kids and a new extension to pay for, its carrying on with designing and nickprints for the time-being.

What inspires you?

Visually, anything just a bit different… spiritually, anyone who pushes themselves to achieve things.

What are your favourite reads, both magazines & blogs?

I don’t read enough… but anything music, film or history related appeals.

What are you listening to right now?

Dutch Uncles… I don’t know much about them, but I’m going to see them play live in Brighton tonight.

What books would we find on your bedside table?

At the moment, ‘Excuse me, while I kiss the sky’.. a book full of rock’n’roll anecdotes.

What art would we find in your home?

All very graphic… tour posters, the odd original film poster, a Julia Trigg ‘Signals’ print (who incidentally we sell on Everything Begins!), some letterpress prints and some of my own stuff… well, it’s free publicity when we have guests!

What does a perfect day off look like?

A lie-in, American pancakes with my wife & 2 girls, swimming with the kids, a sneaky afternoon pint in the pub then back to the house for a Thai meal & a bottle of wine with family and some friends at home

You live & work in Brighton.  Fill us in on your must see / must do experiences (the more secret the better!)What does a typical day at the design studio look like?

Brighton has a unique atmosphere – laid back and bohemian – which you can find pretty much anywhere apart from the central areas, which at weekends are knee deep with hen and stag parties. Stick to these areas and the tiny Laines and it’s impossible not to enjoy Brighton!

nickprints | City Art Print | Brighton City Art Print nickprints City Art Print - an ode to Nick's hometown Brighton, Brighton City Art Print, available in red and blue.

nickprints | City Art Print | Brighton City Art Pring nickprints City Art Print, Brighton City Art Print

Tell us your ideal travel destination.  Both for a holiday and adventure.
For a full-on city experience I never tire of New York or Paris. For scenery Northern Spain or Southern France. I don’t regard myself as an adventurer!
nickprints | Wall Art Map | British Isles | Britain nickprints Wall Art Map of Great Britain.

nickprints | Wall Art Map | Britain nickprints Wall Art Map of Britain close up of the South East of England.

nickprints | Map Wall Art | Britain nickprints wall map art of the British Isles - a close up of Ireland.

nickprints | Wall Art Map | Britain nickprints Wall Art Map of the British Isles, shown here a close up of Scotland.

What/were was the last amazing meal you ate?
Friday nights at home eating a Thai Green Curry with the family (1 of about 3 meals I can actually make) is pretty amazing… a perfect start to the weekend!
Chase and Wonder | Limited Edition Print | Dandy Lion
We asked Nick to name his top 5 products from EB.  1.  Dandy Lion, Limited Edition Art Print by Chase & Wonder.
Most treasured possession?
I’m not one for possessions… but a professional photographer friend of ours took a family photograph for us last year which is the one possession I’d pick if I had to choose one.
Aardvark on Sea | Typographic Art | Letterpress Prints | Love Unlimited Nick Loves: 2. Love Unlimited by Aardvark

Where would we find you on a Saturday?  Doing what?
No set pattern… usually something involving the kids such as a walk by the seaside or on the South Downs, a football match (Brighton or Everton), visiting or entertaining friends. An evening out in the pub is always a winner!
Letitia Buchan | Typographic Art | Limited Edition Prints | Love Was Lost Nick Loves 3. Love Was Lost Typographic Art Print by Letitia Buchan.

Julia Trigg | Ephemera Art Print | Signals 2 Nick Loves 4. Julia Trigg Epherma Art Print, Signals 2. In fact Nick happens to have this very print! Uncanny!

Julia Trigg | Ephemera Art Print Limited Edition Prints | Signals 7 Nick Loves 5. Julia Trigg Ephemera Art Print, a Limited Edition, Signals 7.

Brighton’s best kept secret?
It’s not a secret as such but not that well known, but the Booth Museum is as bizarre as they come. An old Victorian museum full of stuffed birds and animals. Not very PC but very interesting and the kids loved it when they were small.
Buy nickprints-city-prints-online Click here to view and shop the entire nickprints collection of city art prints.

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