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Posted on November 13, 2012 by Amy There have been 0 comments

Thanks so much for stopping by our new blog.  The fact you're here can only mean you've visited our store and fallen head over heels for our amazing, unique homewares, affordable art, limited edition art prints and accessoriesand want to know more.  We can only hope hey?! Well, let's just say we’re going to have lots of great things to share with you.  Things we think you’ll love.  Especially the stories.  In a world of mass produced, homogenised goods  we are super proud to represent the handcrafted, limited run creations of our independent and emerging artists & designers, curating what we believe to be the very best from around the world and bringing it all together to discover, browse & buy under one roof - direct from the very studio in which it was created.  Every artist and designer and every little piece has a story and we can't wait to share with you just where they came from, how they were made and why.

Designer Homewares, Affordable Art, Limited Edition Prints & Accessories A selection of amazing art & design - designer homewares, affordable art & accessories all available at everythingbegins.com.

We launched Everything Begins just under a year ago and can’t help but feel that for far too long we have been a little bit anonymous, you know, as to who we are and where we are.  You see Everything Begins is based in what some would see as a far off land - Sydney, Australia.  One of my biggest fears about letting on where we are based was that our customers, or potential customers dotted around the globe would think, Australia? Australia? Australia is at the arse end of the world (albeit a very beautiful part of the world!). Pardon my French.  But you see, the reality is, with how we work it really doesn’t matter where we are.  In fact it was our very location that inspired the creation of Everything Begins in the first place.  What do I mean?  Well read on.

I’ve spent my life between here & the UK.  I recently lived back in London for seven years.  It was whilst there that I fell in love with all of the amazing independent art & design that fabulous city has to offer.  There was nothing I loved more than to explore the design markets, design shows, and little tucked away boutiques.  It’s what I did. Every. Weekend.  I used to snap up the most beautiful and unique homewares & accessories and when I used to travel up North to the Ribble Valley where my family were (and I was born) or back to Melbourne on holiday, or people used to visit, they used to gasp and want to know where I found these things and how they too could get their hands on them.

London Type Map Pring We're the idea all began - London! London Type Map Print.

That got me thinking.  What if all of these pieces were curated into one amazing collection and available to buy online from a single store.  A place where you could go to discover, browse and buy some of the very best independent and emerging art & design the entire world has to offer.  Truly hard to find items you were unlikely to find unless you travelled to that very place.  What if they were all available to buy with a single click, no plane ticket required.  An idea it was, but that was all the way back in 2004.  I did nothing.  Like many of us, I was far too busy, head down, bum up, working for the man in the corporate world.

Bizarrely it was when I got back to Australia that I realised it was time.  I really missed all of the amazing art & design from London and Europe and really wished I could discover and get my hands on it from here.  But the tipping point was when I realised that Australia had developed a massive independent movement of it’s own and had many, many super fine talents!  The sad thing was I had never had the chance to discover them as I was far too busy working long, long days!  I came to realise that there were probably many, many more people like me, who loved design but just didn’t have the time to hunt it down locally or weren’t necessarily travelling as much as they once had or would like to to discover amazing global talents.  So for me, that was it.  Time to take the leap.  And Everything Begins was born.

We like to think of Everything Begins, the design collective and online boutique as a true destination.  A destination to travel to (virtually of course), to browse and to discover new artists and designers and their beautiful, unique and truly hard to find creations.  And once you find something you love, be it affordable art, unique, designer homewares and accessories you can purchase it, with a single click, and the artist or designer will send it to your door, from the very studio in which it was created.

As we head towards our first anniversary I am proud to say that in the first eleven months we have helped our artists and designers around the world sell into many new markets.  We can now count customers in eighteen countries, Australia, New Zealand, the US, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, and Israel.  And we are still so, so young.

This is the beauty of Everything Begins.  We connect design savvy folk with the gorgeous wares of independent and emerging artists and designers - no matter where in the world the other is located.  Design lovers get to discover new and amazing talent and the artists and designers get to reach many new customers they may otherwise never have had the opportunity to.

We hope you love exploring Everything Begins and discovering new artists and designers.  For us the hardest part about being an online store is not being able to say hello when you pop in-store or to have a chat.  We love to hear from our customers, so please shout out at any time with comments, feedback, questions or just to say hi!  We’d love to hear from you! Amy x

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