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Weston Scarves

Weston Scarves are the stunning creation of Richard Weston, coined by British Vogue as Britain's most unexpected star of fashion.  Richard Weston is a professor of architecture, and award winning author, yet through the creation of his stunning silk scarf collection, handmade on the banks of Lake Como, Italy from the finest of Italian silk he has taken the fashion world by storm, and both he and Weston Scarves are now mentioned in the same breath as many a leading designer including Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.   

Weston Silk scarves are unique pieces inspired by the forms, patterns and colours found in nature. Richard Weston's super luxurious collection of silk scarves are handcrafted and printed with his unique mineral, stone and fosil designs.  Oversized at 138 x 138cm, these are highly versatile silk scarves and will transform the simplest of looks in an instant.